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Making things. Affordable and accomplishable things.

Suitable for amateurs, average Janes/Joes.**

**Particularly useful for urbanites lacking power tools or even a kitchen table.

Whenever I goshdarn can. Lay off me.

Because looking at other people's ideas is awesome fodder for my noggin so shouldn't I share a decent idea that someone else can make perfect? Send me a pic if you make something similar to what I post!

I am Lynn. I'm an urban planner by training, and a maker of random items by vocational calling. I do my projects in my apartment in Brooklyn, or on the stoop or roof. If you see a 5' 3 7/8" female breaking concrete blocks out on your street, you probably live on my block.


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I’ve been scheming all winter on elbow patches - but indecision brought delay.  Erica’s tute is perfect.  Must do.


DIY Felt Elbow Patch


Two years ago, Dutch artists Lernert & Sander filmed a short for MTV Europe by building and playing music on a rainbow-colored glass harp. It makes for a great audio and visual combo. (Also, who knew we’d have more than one glass harp video to watch?!)

via Thanks, Larissa.



Celebrate 2012 with DIY gold dipped champagne flutes!

Lynn love too.



“Curbside Haiku”

NYC Dept of Transportation + artist John Morse

Each design and haiku delivers a safety message by focusing on a transportation mode.

Placed near eye level in high-crash locations near cultural institutions and schools, the colorful signs draw attention to the critical importance of shared responsibility among pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists in keeping New York City’s streets safe.

Easy & useful.  Genius.


Holder for Charging Cell Phone (made from lotion bottle) | Make It and Love It

C’mon, you know you are going to raid your bathroom for a mostly empty bottle right now!

Gorgeous stuff by UK artist Ella Robinson.  Found via Curious Doodles.

Easy, cheap, & awesome!  Can’t beat that.


Weekend Art Project « The New Domestic


landart | elmleafmeander (by doubleyou_em)

Urban embroidery.  Ackkk!  I love it.  Courtesy of Wendi and Joel, housed at Made by Joel.

Who knew gold-painted feathers could look so good?  Courtesy of Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst.

Another way to personalize kids’ clothes.  These simple triangles are brilliant!  Courtesy of Merrillee of Mer Mag

Tattoo art by Amanda Wachob,  These are the most amazing I ever did see.  Had to reblog, from Design*Sponge.

Oh so great.  Thank you Erica & Lauren!


DIY Wrap Bracelet

This gets a big whoa in my book.


Keira Rathbone’s Typewriter Art. - my love for you

A taped masterpiece!  Poseidon Intercept, by BUFFdiss.  The decay, the adaptation, the reuse.  So cool I can’t even take it.

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