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**Particularly useful for urbanites lacking power tools or even a kitchen table.

Whenever I goshdarn can. Lay off me.

Because looking at other people's ideas is awesome fodder for my noggin so shouldn't I share a decent idea that someone else can make perfect? Send me a pic if you make something similar to what I post!

I am Lynn. I'm an urban planner by training, and a maker of random items by vocational calling. I do my projects in my apartment in Brooklyn, or on the stoop or roof. If you see a 5' 3 7/8" female breaking concrete blocks out on your street, you probably live on my block.


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Dopey Halloween costume for a baby…<$40

My first Halloween costume - I think a success.  I made a Dopey costume for my friend’s adorable baby boy (his big sister is going as Snow White).  It was surprisingly easy, even without a sewing machine.

You need:

  • Green long-sleeve romper
  • Snugly fitting baby hat (Baby Gap makes perfect ones)
  • Tan iron-on patches & iron
  • Brass-colored belt buckle
  • Black belt fabric (I used 1” black cotton twill tape I had lying around)
  • 2 wooden (or just light brown) buttons
  • Brown and black thread
  • Needle & pins
  • Scissors
  • Some means of securing the loose end of the belt (snaps, velcro, hook & thread loop, etc.)

Want to see the steps? 

Costs = <$40: 

  • Green romper = $20
  • Snugly fitting baby hat (I used Baby Gap) = $2.00
  • Purple dye for hat = $2.35
  • Tan iron-on patches = $2.50
  • Brass-colored belt buckle = $1.75
  • 1” black cotton twill tape = $7.25 for whole spool
  • 2 wooden/light brown buttons = $2.00
  • Everything else = free or already available around the house

How to:

  • This was my basic strategy:

  • First I added wooden buttons.

  • Then I started working on a belt — I always have 1” black cotton twill tape lying around because it’s perennially useful.  I sewed off the ends a bit to prevent fraying, then looped it through the belt buckle.  

  • Then pinned on the belt and hand-sewed the “belt” on.  

  • Hard to see, but I tried to make tiny stitches spaced 1+ cm apart.

  • I had to cover this dinosaur, so I traced the outline on scrap paper, and cut a faux-ragged iron-on patch in roughly that shape.

  • Made similarly ragged cuts in my remaining iron-on patches for the elbows…

  • Ironed those suckers on…

  • Then I added some big stitches to the iron-ons to make them look more authentic.

  • Now for the hat — Baby Gap has these great little hats, but I needed purple, so I dyed it.  Then I triple-washed the hat (once dyed) to make sure to remove any excess.

  • I finished off the loose end of the belt with some snaps I had lying around, but there’s a billion other ways to do this with what you have on hand (some small bits of velcro is probably easiest).

  • And there it is…

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