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I am Lynn. I'm an urban planner by training, and a maker of random items by vocational calling. I do my projects in my apartment in Brooklyn, or on the stoop or roof. If you see a 5' 3 7/8" female breaking concrete blocks out on your street, you probably live on my block.


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Homemade coloring books…<$7

Happy New Year!  At some point this year, you’ll have to give a gift to a kid.  Make that kid a semi-homemade coloring book, individualized with cover paper as cool as they are.  Made by Joel is one of my favorite blogs out there - Joel is such a talented illustrator, and he offers free pdfs of his awesome designs.  Thanks, Joel, for these great coloring pages!

You need:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Mod Podge and Foam brush or double-sided tape or some adhesive
  • Black masking tape or artist tape
  • Awesome paper
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Print outs of coloring sheets from Made by Joel

Want to see the steps? 

Costs = <$7: 

  • Black masking tape or artist tape = $3.99
  • Awesome paper = $2.69 per sheet
  • Everything else = free or already available around the house

How to:

  • Cut up your cereal boxes to be book covers.  (Using the natural edges of the box) be sure to leave a bendy edge for the top (where you would imagine needing flexibility for the coloring book to open).  Give yourself at least a cm of this bendy edge.

  • Trace and cut some cool paper in the size/shape of your book covers.

  • I used Mod Podge to secure my fine paper to the ugly side of the cereal boxes, but any means of adhesive would work.

  • Let dry with a heavy book on top.
  • Meanwhile, print out the Made by Joel sheets and staple them together.
  • Once your book covers are dry, finish the edges with black or colored tape on three sides (but not the bendy top).
  • The top of your stapled pages will align with the bendy tops of your covers.  Staple/secure the pages to the covers.  If it’s quite thick and your stapler is struggling, just alternate front and back and over-staple the crap out of it — it’ll hold.  You can cover up that mess with more tape (this has been my dad’s approach to life in general - duct tape held his fender to his car for 20 years).
  • I finished my top edge with a contrasting tape, but anything works really.  And now you have individualized, homemade, awesome coloring books for kids.


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