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Modern, funky craft/DIY creations. Good for gifts or yourself.

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Making things. Affordable and accomplishable things.

Suitable for amateurs, average Janes/Joes.**

**Particularly useful for urbanites lacking power tools or even a kitchen table.

Whenever I goshdarn can. Lay off me.

Because looking at other people's ideas is awesome fodder for my noggin so shouldn't I share a decent idea that someone else can make perfect? Send me a pic if you make something similar to what I post!

I am Lynn. I'm an urban planner by training, and a maker of random items by vocational calling. I do my projects in my apartment in Brooklyn, or on the stoop or roof. If you see a 5' 3 7/8" female breaking concrete blocks out on your street, you probably live on my block.


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I’m now more than 8 months pregnant, so look out, baby-related posts galore upcoming.

Here’s shower invitations I made, using a fragment of someone else’s thank you card I saved years ago (the pram) and the beautiful designs of Lindsey Olson, whose bad ass thank you cards I have been buying of late.  I just sketched some pieces, cut them up, scanned them together, printed, then lined in yellow sharpie.

I believe that’s a ROA tucked in with others.

Words to live by.

More street art in Casco Viejo, Panama City.  Top artist unknown by me, bottom mural by Alvaro Gomez-Selles.

Street art by Rolo de Sedas in Casco Viejo section of Panama City.

More homemade cards.  Still have a tape problem.

Maria Lassnig at MoMA PS1.

More hand-painted onesies.

Ai Weiwei and the moon at the Brooklyn Museum.

Kara Walker at the Domino Sugar Factory.  All made of sugar.  The melting red molasses of the little slave boy is perfectly eerie and appropriate.

Swoon at the Brooklyn Museum.  Never before have I so badly wanted to be someone else.  Her creation is just so cool.

Easter eggs in Rock Center.  I am way behind on posts.

High-density paintings by John Bowman.  At Winston Wachter.

White Cloak, by Eric Zener.  At Gallery Henoch.

True Blue, by Steve Smelka.  At Gallery Henoch.

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